Kick Off the School Year With Custom Lapel Pins

School is back in session and with the start of classes comes the start of many clubs and activities.  Whether it is elementary school, high school or college, custom lapel pins are a great giveaway for students and teachers. They will all feel honored to receive their pin and proud to display it.

Custom lapel pins can be created for clubs, honor societies, sororities and fraternities, and any special programs at school.  They can also be created for welcoming new members to a club or program, to show support for your school sports teams at rallies and big events like homecoming.

Custom lapel pins are also great fundraisers.  Students, teachers and staff love to show their support for their school and what better way than a custom lapel pin?

The best part about lapel pins is that they can be created exactly how you want.  Whether you want to display a logo, or picture on the pin, you can work closely with our design team to ensure the pin is exactly how you imagine it.  They will then make your ideas a reality and provide you with a keepsake for any school event.

If you are interested in creating a pin to show school spirit, you might want to include your mascot and school colors.  You can also add any text you want, such as the school name, mascot name, and year.

Our custom lapel pins will set your school or organization apart from any other.  We use high-quality materials and all of our pins are created with a beautiful finish.

If you are looking for custom lapel pins for your school or organization, our design consultants will work closely with you to determine the type of lapel pin you should use.  For example, if you are looking to create a pin for your sporting event, they might recommend trading lapel pins or silk screen lapel pins.

However, if you are looking for a lapel pin for a sorority, fraternity or honor society, they might recommend the die struck lapel pins, which have a very elegant finish.  It is important to work closely with your consultant to not only decide on the style of the pin, but also the size.

Welcome students back to school with custom lapel pins.  Your students and staff are sure to love them and they are a great keepsake.  If you are looking to create a custom lapel pin, contact our consultants today for a free quote and they will be happy to answer any of your questions.  Don’t let the school year go by without this great memento.