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Lapel pins are the most sought after gift items, celebrating item and useful marketing tool for many people worldwide. The pins are designed, manufactured and traded by various companies throughout the world. This market has tough competition. The company with best quality services and least cost will win the competition. Our services for more than 10 years have made us expert in in making your dream pins.

Our staff includes special designers. Custom Lapel pins needs special designing technique. It is not like ordinary sketches. Its designing is animation based. Each line is drawn by hand on a paper. Then the sketch is analyzed is special color light to conceive the idea of the final product. Our pins have served many clients’ purposes for many years and we are struggling hard to raise the bar with every single passing day.

First of all, the main and foremost use of lapel pins is showing membership. Many organizations use them for their employees to mark their membership. This membership can be to some company, some purpose, a cause or a group, etc. Secondly, the pins are used to give as award for special achievements. With the increasing popularity, Custom pins are now collected as a hobby. Many people love to have various pins.

We use the fine process to make our pins. First of all, a design is finalized with coordination with the client. At this stage, the client can ask for any number of revisions – no matter how much struggle is required. Our client satisfaction is our core objective. First a metal is molded to stamp the design on it. Then, outline is cut to make Custom pins. Molds are cut separately and then this cutting process is done. To give further details of design, internal or additional cutting may be required. Extra cut-through molds are required for cutting if some designs have additional cutting requirement. This includes cutting shapes within the existing design.

The solder attachment process includes attached on the back side of each pin. The plating process starts after it. In plating process, the metal is soaked into the plating fluid. The plating has many qualities which mainly depend on the time period the metal is kept into the plating fluid.

After plating, polish is applied. In polish process, polishing is done to make the surface of each pin suave and sparkly. Copper is mostly used for polishing. Polishing process is done on iron on the demand of the customer. This requires further charges.

Now the fun time begins. In coloring process, the pins start to look like the final product. An expert person injects soft enamel colors into the pin’s specific areas. This requires adding one color carefully at a time. Experts do this work because each color has to go into correct quantity to correct area. Colors should not mix. For our customers, we provide up to seven free colors. For more complex coloring, we need extra money. Usually each pin contains from 3 to 5 colors which are enough to express the message through them. There is no need of more colors. But, we never know if a clients need to add more colors to give the pins further lively look.

After coloring, each pin is cleaned once to wipe off extra color and left overs. This gives the pins neat look. Now, each pin goes for baking. They are backed for 12 to 17 minutes on 450 degree Fahrenheit’s.last step is applying epoxy coating on each pin. This is essential because without this warmish coat, colors may crack or fade with the passage of time. The customer can ask to apply it or forbid else. This is not essential step. This is an optional option but good for pins.

Iron pins without polishing are cost effective ones. They are cheaper than the copper pins. The pins also include additional decoration which is not the part of the basic process. If you need any additional decoration on your pins like LED lights, glitters, gold plating, silver plating, etc., you can contact our customer service. Our customer service is helpful and a sign of our success too.

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