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All about New Custom Lapel Pins

Lapel pins have been a very common usage for a long time and the purpose for their use has become quite extensive with the passage of time. There are several manufacturers of lapel pins and they demand the on time payment and can get an order complete in very less time. Lapel pins were initially used to put on the lapel of the jackets or coats only but now they are used to put on caps, hats, pockets, bags, etc hence they are an ‘in’ fashion product and they are in demand by all.

The history shows that the Custom pins were initially started by the Chinese in the early 1960’s and by 1970’s it became a special custom which has turned in to a common ritual now. There are several sizes of the lapel pins how ever their importance is to show the logo or what ever the purpose for the Custom lapel pins is to be clear and send the right signal, information, etc.

Here is how the pins are made:

a)      Stamping Molding

The first thing is to get the mould ready by bringing it into a rough shape.

b)      Outline Cutting

Special moulds are made according to the design of the pin to cut the metal out accurately. If the mould is cut out with a deeper design then there are certain secondary moulds made as well.

c)      Attachment

Next each metal piece is attached to the pin.

d)     Plating

There is a liquid called, plating liquid which is used to dip the metal in to.

e)      Polishing

The metal surface of the pin is actually polished then after the plating to give the pin a shine.

f)       Coloring

The colors of the pin are pre decided and once the pin is ready it is hand painted, each piece is painted separately by hand and if more than one color is required then the first dye is left to dry and then the next one is applied, this what actually takes time.

g)      Cleaning

The extra colors and cleaned from the pin to give it a neater look.

h)      Baking

When the pins are ready they are then baked at 415 Degrees for a few minutes to make the color and the metal adjust and blend together to stay for a longer time.

i)        Epoxy Coating

The epoxy coating is an option and all those people who want to get it applied on their pins have to pay extra for it. it is a good thing how ever and gives the pins a further longer life, especially the upper logo as it gets protective shield over it.

There are several new designs of the pins available and all those people who think that they can actually make special pins made for a special purpose should also focus on the back of the pins. There are several designs available these days which include the following options;

1)      Butterfly clutch

2)      Jewelry clutch

3)      Safety clasp

4)      Magnetic clasp

5)      Screw and nut

6)      Stick pin

There are several different kinds of Custom pins and buttons. Different designs and material are used for them. There are people who love to use gold and silver pins to decorate the lapels of their coats. Similarly there are several people who use gold studs to button up their shirts.

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